The Love Story

As a wedding photographer in Columbus Ohio, engagement sessions are some of my favorite shoots. We will spend time getting to know each other and I’ll learn about your love story. The engagement session is good practice for your wedding day. At the actual wedding, we may be on a time crunch. Being familiar with my posing, and how I work will definitely help make the wedding day go more smoothly.

The first thing that we will do is choose a location. This is often a place that is important to you as a couple such as where you first met, or had your first date. If you are unable to think of a location, no worries! I have a bunch of location suggestions, and we can sit down and go through them together. Though I primarily work in Columbus, I frequently travel to other regions of Ohio for shoots.

The engagement session is low stress. For instance, we’ll stroll through a park and take pictures in beautiful light and locations. I will pose you a tiny bit, and then we’ll just get you laughing and interacting with each other so that it looks natural. I want to see how you naturally interact with each other so the camera can capture your personality! The first couple of minutes may feel a little forced, but you’ll be comfortable and relaxed in no time! I’ll give you just a little direction that will go a long way.

As far as wardrobe goes, you should dress in something that makes you feel comfortable, and that you would normally wear. Another helpful tip is to make sure you both look like you are going to the same place, so try to be on the same level of dressy or casual. I am definitely open to helping you if you have any questions, or want to send me pictures of what outfits you are considering and would like advice on.

At our consultation we can go over additional details such as make-up, hair and what else to bring. Please try not to worry about being uncomfortable in front of the camera. It is my job to make you look and feel comfortable. Just remember that you’re taking pictures that will showcase your love forever. If you just keep that in mind during the shoot, you’ll do great!